Searching For That Perfect Square

Dedicated to Square Dance Clubs everywhere.

Trafalgar Square isn’t square.
Just as a square knot’s not.

Carpenters have one to help them build well,
but all it is is a big capital L.

Rubik made six square faces famous,
but, dude, that’s just a puzzling cube.

Square roots are chalkboard Greek to me.
Square-D ® is only for electricity.

A square deal is usually fair,
but that don’t make it a square.

The real deal involves folks not the least bit square.
Manic folk who can hardly stand still, but firmly feel
there’s a square somewhere they need to fill.

It’s all in their heads of course. Subject to re-call
by a wannabe crooner who “knows it all.”

Sometimes they move like precision clocks.
Sometimes they look more like Keystone Cops.

But deep in their hearts is a dream they all share:
Standing right on the brink, their movements will sync,
And by god they’ll be dancing that Perfect Square.

© W. Donald Wheeler, 2013
Member, Grand River Squares